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- Fill in the following application form.

- Once your payment has been received, you will be sent details to access and complete your pre-qualification questionnaire online.

- In this questionnaire you should provide detailed information of your Company, Financials, Legal, Environment, Quality, CSR and Products & Services

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ATTENTION: By annual invoice, we’re referring to the total/turnover invoicing of your company’s last financial year. If the invoicing is above 500.000 euros, we will ask you to provide us with an official document that proves it.
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* Please make sure that the name on the transfer matches the name on the application form.
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Any provider who wants to be qualified for Endesa and for Enel in Latin America must begin his registration in the Portal One of Enel group purchases, at the following web address: https://globalprocurement.enel.com/es.html
And start his registration following the guidelines indicated in the section "Work with us". Providers already registered should access their profile in the private section (MyHome) and complete previous stages of qualification by filling in the questions related to SUSTAINABILITY (Safety, Environment and Human Rights) requirements. This stage is obligatory and prior to the request of the rest of the technical evaluation phase of the supplier.

Once the provider is enabled in Portal One to continue with its technical qualification phase, he should complete the same one in Repro, where they will be analysed the fulfilment of legal and eco-financial requirements based on the support documentation delivered in the registration stage of Repro; as well as those merely technical and specific of the group of goods requested in accordance with the requirements published in Portal One. Therefore, it will be necessary that the supplier has previously a valid register in Repro to continue with the rest of the qualification process.

This modality will be applicable to those groups of goods for which there is a local qualification modality (for Endesa Spain and Latin American countries where Repro is established as a rating system). For the rest of the countries and groups of goods of international interest, the qualification process will be developed entirely in Portal One.

This new modality of registry will be mandatory from 03/31/2017.

BANK DETAILS: To: Achilles South Europe, S.L. Unipersonal
Bank: Bankinter
Bank Address: Laguna, 40, 28025 Madrid
Bank Account: 0128/7704/82/0502387435
Swift Code: BKBKESMM
IBAN: ES3201287704820502387435